NEW YEAR’S EVE – Coldplay

For New Year’s 2017, I decided to take a 4 hour flight to Dubai and a two hour car ride to Abu Dhabi, for the most AWESOME performers ever – *drumroll please* – COLDPLAY!

Absolutely worth it.

I heard and read a lot about Coldplay’s live performance before, and was definitely not disappointed.

Chris Martin’s gorgeous voice aside, the show they pulled was out of this world.

And you’d be surprised when I tell you that all the fireworks, laser lights, confetti, colored dust and balloons, were actually NOT the reason why. I personally had never realised how positive, hopeful and inspiring most of their songs were. And of course, I came out with a favorite: Up & Up.

At midnight, more fireworks and more positive energy took over the place, and it was indeed beautiful 🙂

Here are some of the pictures from that night:

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