Blogging: A Change In Perspective

Do what makes your soul happy.

I started this blog not long ago, with a lot of excitement, ambition and big dreams. I started out of my love for fashion and styling mainly. Also, to have something of my own, something that I am proud of. I am a digital marketing executive and my whole job description is based on working on social media platforms; Writing briefs for visuals, creating attractive and engaging content, etc…

After almost a year in this field, I learned a lot. I observed the pattern which all bloggers and influencers follow, from selfies, to outfit pictures, quotes, food pictures, recipes, events and more…

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I do the same.

However, for some time now, I haven’t been as active as I was  before, I haven’t been as excited and enthusiastic about it as I was before anymore. Some bloggers and influencers give you something, improve your knowledge, inspire you to be better, have an added value on your feed, but others are just trying to get Insta famous, show off and are making their followers feel bad about themselves ( not intentionally in most cases).

I stopped enjoying what I’m doing with Matters of a Blonde when I started seeing the difference, and felt like I wasn’t on the right track. Hence, I decided that I’m going to take it slow for now, expand my knowledge in the things I do now in my life, learn harder, explore more, scratch underneath the surface of my daily life activities and interests to give my readers the added value I would want to see in my feed on SM platforms while following my favourite bloggers and influencers. I’m not saying that every post I upload is going to have deep meaning and a learning outcome out of it for my readers, but I’d like to think that I’m going in the direction of making the concept of my work really meaningful and impactful.

I did not give up on MOB, and I hope you guys know where I am coming from now. Enjoy the little things in the moment instead of stressing on changing and becoming better right away (an advice I am really trying to follow), and just be until you find your passion and do wonders with it.


So the message I’m trying to convey here is that all you need is a change in perspective, a goal, and some time to figure things out, connect the dots, and do what makes your soul happy.


Nour x


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