Beirut to Bordeaux, With Love.

True friends can grow separately without growing apart


Everyone talks about long distance relationships, but what about friendships?

Dima, well Dee, is a dear friend of mine, she’s a sister. We grew up together, we had our fair share of funny memories, emotional breakdowns, unforgettable experiences, and faced the big milestones in our lives together. Dee is a motivation, an inspiration to me. The friendship we have is sacred for many reasons, and for me not to sound even cheesier, here’s a list of facts straight to the point:

  • When she’s upset, she tries not to make ME uncomfortable because she knows how bad I am at comforting my upset friends when they cry.
  • When I’m having boy drama, she is the most protective type of friends you can ever have.
  • We have kept a long-distance friendship for over three years now, while I lost touch with my (as close friends at the time) friends who still live here, a long time ago.
  • We have the same interests, passions, a different style, but a similar one as well in a way.


We decided to give you some advice that we use regularly to maintain a good bond despite the distance:


  • Stay Connected: through social networks, Whatsapp, Facetime and Instagram: following each other’s activities, sending links of articles that made us think of each other, sending texts regularly. (If you look at our Instagram accounts, you will always find us commenting on each other photos.)
  • Have common activities: to maintain complicity, it is also necessary to have common interests. For example, watch a series together and debrief on the episode by text. Our main common activity is clearly blogging #instabloggers
  • Send pictures: Our whatsapp media will explode soon. We might have overdone the #yeyornay thing, we do send pictures for advice quite excessively, as we decide on which pictures to share on our social media channels together.
  • Be there, always: When your best friend is facing a problem, always be there even at three in the morning. And of course, vice-versa.
  • Spend time together: We spend most of our time with each other when we’re both in the same country. It’s important to catch up and talk about every little thing going on in our lives while we have the chance to let it all out in person.


Excuse the long post, but bottom line is, distance really does mean so little when someone means so much to you.

To check out Dee’s version of the story, head to her awesome blog at



Nour xx


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