This is my first blog post for Matters of a Blonde, the blog I’ve wanted to make a success out of a long time ago, in hopes of it opening doors for me to make my dreams come true (sorry for sounding cheesy but I had to say it). Anyway, excuse the mess if what follows does not look or sound as it should, but baby steps you know?

I decided to share a list of my favorite Bloggers who inspired me to jump into the shiny and sparkly Blogosphere.

Nb. 1 on the list: The Blonde Salad.

Obviously, even my blog name is inspired by hers!

I’m naturally Blonde (Well my roots are dirty Blonde and I have added some highlights). Chiarra Ferragni is the first blogger I discovered on Instagram. Instantly, I fell in love with her style, her funny quirky character, and her genuine personality. Some may say she’s too commercial now, and even though I slightly agree, she’s still one of my top favorite bloggers of all time!

mattersofablonde - chiara ferragni

Nb. 2 on the list: Gary Pepper Girl.

“You are never too young, too old, too poor, too uneducated, or too busy to start living your dreams. A dream is a dream; it should not be contained by boundaries and cannot be defined by others”

Firstly, I’m a visual person, which is simply why Gary Pepper Girl made it on this list. I mean lets face it, what’s the first thing we check when we go on a blogger’s website? The layout, the pictures, the aesthetics…or is it just me? Every single photograph, especially in her Travels category, looks like a mesmerizing postcard!
Anyway, Nicole Warne’s pictures are absolute goals.

mattersofablonde - gerry peppergirl

Nb. 3 on the list: Karen Wazen Bekhazi

Karen’s Choice is one of the first blogs I started following a couple of years ago. I fell in love with Karen’s way of writing, her transparency, and the image she portrays of being married, having children, and being a blogger. The lifestyle that is. Karen is one blogger I love as a person more than anything else, even though I don’t personally know her, but she’s one to look up to with her positive energy, always, wherever she goes and whatever she does.


mattersofablonde - karen wazen bekhazi